Immigration Law

The Law Office of Bruce Hoover is a full-service Immigration Practice. We handle both immigrant and non-immigrant visas, both temporary and permanent.

Among the issues that we can help you with are: Work Related visas, Student visas, Family based petitions, Spousal petitions, Investment based visas, Labor Certifications, and many other types. 

We handle petitions for a Green Card (permanent residency), and Citizenship petitions as well.

In addition, we do Adjustment of Status for individuals who already have some type of visa.

We also represent clients who may face removal from the U.S. and can appear in the Immigration Court to represent you if required.

Our Immigration Services are complete: We meet with you in person to evaluate your case, we give detailed instructions on each step of the process, we prepare you for any interviews you might be required to attend (and go with you to the interviews if you wish), prepare all required forms, and help you assemble supporting documents as needed. 

Please note that while we are only able to represent clients who have cases involving state law in South Carolina, that we can handle immigrations issues for clients in all fifty states, and foreign countries as well. As another service, we can arrange our schedules to travel and meet with you at locations that are convenient to you if you wish.

Non Immigration Practice limited to South Carolina, Immigration practice worldwide