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CIvil Rights Groups Resume Legal Challenges to Alabama's Immigration Law

Although the US Supreme Court upheld portions of the Arizona SB1070 they did strike down much of that law. This article explains some of the details, and states that at least some of the portions of the Alabama law will be struck down based on the decision in the Arizona case.

Economic Benefits of Deferred Action

Some people claim that allowing deferred action for the estimated 1.4 million children and young adults who might benefit from the proposed deferred action would be bad for the economy, but an article from the Immigration Policy Center shows just the opposite.

Deferred Prosecution and Work Authorization

On June 15th, 2012, the Department of Homeland Security announced that certain young people who entered the U.S. before age 16 will no longer be removed from the United States. Qualifying individuals will be granted "deferred action" and be eligible for a work permit.

This issue is still evolving and DHS has not yet released the procedure by which people can apply, but there are things that can be done now to prepare for it if you believe you may qualify. One thing to understand is that there will be people trying to run scams about this, so it's important to get information from either an Immigration Attorney, a government website, a reputable charity, or a knowledgeable person at a church or other religious organization.

More information is available at and There is also a USCIS hotline at 1-800-375-5283 (staffed from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.)

New Directives on Deportation 2

Several recent directives from various immigration agencies have people wondering at the direction that enforcement will take in the coming months. This article, at USA today, outlines some of the changes, and how people are viewing them. While some people believe that the current administration is making it easier for people who are in deportation to stay in the country, others believe that this is only temporary, and that nothing has really changed. From the article, ICE and USCIS have several interesting proposals in the works.


Immigration is a popular topic in the news, but perhaps no current immigration related subject has been discussed as much as the recent events in Arizona. Many people have opinions about the new Arizona law, although it's not clear that they have read the it, but the real question is not whether people are for it or against it, but rather will it pass muster when subjected to the scrutiny of Constitutional Review.

Several other states have expressed interest in passing similar laws, so they will be watching closely as well to see how Arizona fares. 

For the moment, many provisions of the law have been put on hold while the courts sort it out.

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