Immigration Law

Whether you are contemplating coming to the United States, are already in the United States and need an adjustment to your status, or are facing removal proceedings or otherwise in need of assistance, you need an attorney who knows U.S. Immigration Law.

Bruce has worked with clients in these situations and knows the traps and pitfalls that may ensnare you. We can provide representation with respect to immigration issues for residents of all fifty US states as well as those who reside abroad.

We invite you to browse this website to discover some of the services we offer, to contact us if you have any questions, and to schedule a consultation with us to go over your individual situation. The Professional Services tab contains descriptions of some of the services we can provide, along with brief descriptions of each.

Family Law

Bruce can handle your family law case, including separation, divorce, child custody and child support. Whether your case is amicable and you only need help working out a separation agreement, or if you need representation in court, Bruce can work with you on all aspects of your case. 

Guardian ad Litem

Bruce is also qualified as a Guardian ad Litem for appointment to private custody cases and is willing to travel if needed to perform those duties. He understands what can happen to children when their parents are divorcing and believes that it's very important for each child to have an advocate of his or her own, who will work for the best interest of that child during what can be a very trying time for everyone concerned. 

Non Immigration Practice limited to South Carolina, Immigration practice worldwide